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JoSAA Counselling 2018 : Important Dates , Documents required & Choice filling

Published by ADMIN on 1 June 2018 01:02 PM


 Everything to know before applying for admission in top engineering colleges through JoSAA


JoSAA is known as the Joint Seat Allocation Authority. It is a mutual notion that is carried out by various institutions for admission of various candidates at major institutes of NITs, IIITs, IITs, ISM and GFTI.

An admission portal for the students interested in taking admission in the above mentioned colleges for each academic year,to know more check the full article below.

The dates for this year’s JoSAA counselling has not been announced yet but it will start tentatively from the second week of June probably after the announcement of JEE advance results.

JoSAA Rounds

There are total of 6 or 7 rounds depending on the vacancy of the seats which ends by the last week of July or the first week of August. A special round is held if there are large number of seats unoccupied around the mid or end of august.

The allotment is done based on the  ranks and preferences of the candidates.

JEE mains qualified candidates can apply for various NITs,IIITs and other GFTIs.                                             

JEE advanced qualified students can apply to the above mentioned institutes as well as to various IITs and ISM.

Important dates for counselling


Relevant Dates

Announcement of JEE Main 2018 AIRs

Last week of April 2018(April 30,2018)

JoSAA registrations and choice filling of academic programmes starts

Second week of June 2018

Release of Mock Seat Allocation 1 – Based on choices made till the 3rd week of June 2018

Third week of June 2018

Release of Mock Seat Allocation 2 – Based on choice made till the third week of June 2018

Third week of June 2018

End Date for JoSAA registeration and choice filling of academic courses/programmes

Final week of June 2018

Reconciliation of data, allotment of seats, document verification and validation of all important things

Final week of June 2018

Seat Allotment :Round 1

Final week of June 2018

Seat Allotment :Round 2

First week of July 2018

Seat Allotment :Round 3

Second week of July 2018

Seat Allotment :Round 4

Second week of July 2018

Seat Allotment :Round 5

Third week of July 2018

Seat Allotment :Round 6

Third week of July 2018

Seat Allotment :Round 7

Fourth week of July 2018



Institutes under JoSAA

Number of Institutes



Indian Institute of Technology (IITs)



Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIITs)



National Institute of Technology (NITs)



Government Funded Technical Institutes (Other GFTIs)


JoSAA 2018 Choice Filling procedure

Before applying check for the eligibitlity criteria and see for yourself whether or not you are eligible for the further process.


It’s a precautionary step before applying anywhere .

Eligibility criteria:

Qualifying Exam: The candidate should have successfully completed JEE Advanced 2018(eligibility of admissions in IITs) and JEE Mains 2018(eligibility of admission in NITs, IIITs +) before proceeding further.

Qualifying Marks: The candidate should have a minimum of 75% aggregate in 12th standard or any equivalent course.

While for SC/ST/OBC candidates, the aggregate percentage should be 60% in 12th standard or any equivalent course.

JEE Main: The candidates should score a rank in JEE Main 2018.

Cutoff: The candidates should have secured the required cutoff marks in JEE Advanced 2018 & JEE mains 2018.



The first step is registering oneself on the JoSSA website using the roll number of the quailed exam and a password which is a must change during the registrations

The steps after opening the JoSAA website:

Tips for choice filling:

DONT fill ‘undesirable’ programs in the bottom end of your preference list. Many students do so just to remain on a ‘safer site’, but deep down they know that they are never going to join that program. Avoid filling them. Stop after you’ve exhausted the list of programs you’re genuinely willing to take if offered. I say this because this involves a huge disadvantage which I’ve explained below.

You fill unnecessary choices and programs you will never join just to ‘remain safe’. You expect to get your desired program not before 3rd or 4th round of counselling. Now, you will definitely get one of those ‘undesirable’ programs in 1st/2nd round. According to business rules, once you’ve been allotted a seat(which will happen in this case) you need to pay 45,000 or 20,000(Depending on category) and report at a reporting center. This confirms your acceptance of the present seat, and then obviously you will choose float option, so that you can get your desired seat in further rounds of counselling. If you don’t pay the acceptance fees or don’t report at the center, you will forfeit your seat and can’t participate in further rounds. So, to continue for next rounds of counselling, it becomes mandatory for you to follow the procedure.You will now be upgraded to your desired seat in 3rd/4th round in case you get it. Now read this Seat Withdrawal Clause “A candidate, who has already accepted a seat allotted by JoSAA 2016, can withdraw the seat by reporting at a reporting center before the last round of seat allocation (i.e., if JoSAA conducts a total of four rounds of seat allocation, candidates can withdraw up until during third round of seat acceptance period)”. Note that withdrawal of seat means withdrawal from JoSAA Counselling and claiming refund of your seat acceptance fee. Withdrawal can happen only till the third round. So, basically if you don’t get your desired seat in 3rd round and choose to float till the 4th round, then there is NO way you can get back your money, irrespective of whether you get your desired seat or not. Not to forget is your wasted effort of going to the Reporting Center.

Seat Allotment and Rank Cutoff

JEE Main Seat Allotment is done on the basis of the merit list, the preferences given and reservation norms of institute.

Counselling will be conducted in multiple rounds and thus, seat allotment is carried out in each round.

Report at the allotted center for document verification by the officials and reserve a seat.

Pay the fee for the seat allotment process in time.

Any request for getting admitted or payment of the fee after the last date will not be entertained.

Lastly a provisional admission letter will be issued.


JEE Main Documents Required

Candidate must report to the allotted institute with all the required documents. Failing to do so will result in cancellation of candidature. 

Dual Reporting for Verification of Documents

Candidates who have opted for float option and are allocated in an IIT in one round and in an NIT/IIIT/GFTI in a subsequent round will have to report once again for document verification at a reporting centre of NITs.

Similarly, those candidates who are allocated a seat in NIT/IIIT/GFTI in one round and in an IIT in a subsequent round will have to report again for document verification at a reporting centre of IITs.

If the candidates fail to do so, both their allocated seats will be cancelled. These candidates will not be allowed to participate in any further rounds of JoSAA 2018 seat allocation.


Freeze float and slide option

After completing the seat allocation, seat acceptance and document verification process, you are required to report to the allotted college or university to complete further admission procedure of the institute to confirm your admission.

Freeze, Float and Slide Options:

Freeze: Students who accept the allotted seats and do not want to participate in further counselling rounds and hence freeze their seats in the alloted college and branch.

Float: Students accept the allotted seats and also looking for admission to a better preference, they will accept it. Such aspirants will be considered for further counselling rounds to seek better preferances.

Slide: Candidates accept the allotted seats and also seeking for admission to an academic programme of better preferences within the same college or institution. Candidates will be considered for further admission process.

Candidates can make changes from float to slide/freeze and etc. by reporting to the reporting centre. Slide and float option will be given only for those candidates who have not offered admission to their first preference. Candidates cannot make any changes in the last round of seat allocation.


Step 1 – Registration

Step 2 – Filling of Choices

Step 3 – Locking of Choices

Seat Withdrawal Process:

If any students who have already accepted a seat wants to withdraw the accepted seat, they can do so by appearing at the reporting centre before the last round.

Candidates will have to fill their bank account details & upload an image of cancelled cheque (same account) in jpg format and download the withdrawal request letter. Candidates will have to appear at the reporting centre along with the withdrawal request letter duly signed by the candidate and their parents.

If you choose the withdrawal option, you will not be permitted to participate in further admission rounds. Seat acceptance fee will be refunded to students after deducting INR 1000 processing charge.

If the candidates seem to be confused about 'withdrawal', 'surrender' and 'not reporting'. Here's what it means:

Withdrawal: If a candidate gets a 'Provisional Admission Letter' after reporting to any reporting centre and later requests to withdraw from the entire process of admission, it is termed as withdrawal. Such candidates will only be permitted to register for spot round.


Surrender: If a candidate is allotted a seat in any of the I, II or III rounds and then the candidate reports to any reporting centre, opts for Option I and gets a 'Provisional Admission Letter' but he/ she is not satisfied with the allotted seat. 
In such cases, the candidates may request for surrendering their presently allotted seats during 3rd round of reporting and remain under consideration for 4th round of seat allotment. 


Not Reporting: In either of the following cases, the candidates will be considered 'not reporting':

After seat allocation:

After completing all of the process mentioned above (payment of seat allocation fee, verification of documents), the selected candidates will have to report at their allotted institute. For confirmation of admission, the candidates will be required to pay the balance fee.

There is a special round which is conducted after successful completion of the all the 7 rounds.

If you aren’t satisfied with your seat you have to wait for special round to see if any seat remains vacant and then you can participate in spot round by paying counselling fee of 46000 for General/OBC and 21000 for SC/ST/PwD,

You have refill your choices in final round and original choices in JoSAA won’t be considered.

If you don’t get the desired seat you can withdraw and the amount of 44000/- will be refunded back.
































































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