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Mathematics and Computing Engineering

Published by ADMIN on 1 June 2018 12:50 PM

Introduction to Mathematics and Computing(MnC):

      Do you have interest in Mathematics and Coding?

      Congrats! You have found the right course. This course is a combination of Mathematics, Computer Science and Finance. This course provides students with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and also practical training in computer science, numerical computing and mathematical finance. This program has been introduced due to the need for advanced mathematics for modern scientific investigations and technological developments. This course covers most of the major topics in Mathematics rather than complete coding.

It develops you the ability to code with the help of Mathematics. Also, Many youngsters are aspiring to take this course as major.


Scope of Mathematics and Computing:

      MnC is one of the growing fields in employment. Students who finished B.E/B.Tech in MnC can work in various areas including Consulting Engineering Firms, The Pharmaceutical Industry, The Telecommunications Industry, Biomedical Research Industries and Institutes, Banks and Insurance Companies, The Bureau of Meteorology, Colleges & Universities.It offers careers in fields which require a wide knowledge of computing together with the ability to analyze and model practical situations. It provides a broad range of employment opportunities in mathematics, computing, operations research and secondary teaching. It is also beneficial for further studies such as M.E./M.Tech., M.Phil. and Ph.D.


Major Subjects in the Syllabus:

      Mathematics and Computing offers you a wide exposure to most of the valuable subjects of computer science and the magic of mathematics involved in it.


Mathematics-I, Mathematics-II, Mathematics-III, Real Analysis, Modern algebra.

Discretemathematics, Scientific Computing, Linear Algebra, Computer Graphics,Probability and Statistics,MATLAB, SPSS, Matrix computations.

Database Management Systems,Operating Systems,Digital Logic Design, Computer Organisation and Architecture,Algorithm Design and Analysis, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming.

Financial engineering, engineering economics, stochastic calculus for finance.


Top Colleges offering MnC:



      After CSE, MnC is considered as the best course for placements. Core companies which include Amazon, Microsoft, Google and some notable companies such as Epic Systems (US), Visa, Walmart, NetApp, Zynga Arista Networks, Qualcomm, Open Sol, SISO, Citrix R&D and Whizdom Edu recruit students from Mathematics and Computing department. This course started to expand all over India. So, demand of this course is becoming high.The rapid integration of data science/machine learning into products and day-to-day business processes has made the students very demandable  in today’s job market. Many companies have hired exclusively from this department for their data and analytics related requirements.


Average Packages range from 3 to 5 LPA in non-tech field and 5 LPA to 1 Cr in tech-field.


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Mathematics and Computing(MnC)

Mathematics and Computing offers you a wide exposure to most of the valuable subjects of computer science and the magic of mathematics involved in it.

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