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Terms and conditions

Welcome to our website owned by (FutureTalash Edu Services Private Limited). Following terms and conditions need to be taken care of by all the people visiting our website ( Please read it carefully before using our services given at this site. In case you do not agree to one or more of these conditions, please do not visit our website. The website stores encrypted data you enter for your own comfort and also use cookies for advertisement and promotion of our products. We have the right to update any changes in our policy. Content on our website can be changed, added or deleted as per need. If change is unsatisfactory, kindly terminate the usage of our site.

Intellectual property rights

College Talash completely owns the intellectual property rights of this website and contents used in it, unless stated otherwise. Content can be utilised for personal use within the limits set by the following conditions:
  • Republishing of the content from this website in another digital or print media platform, sub-licensing of any product launched through the website channel, reproduction of any work survey or study conducted by the website
  • Copyrights and trademarks: is the sole owner of all the digital content available on the website other than the i8nformation available on internet under fair usage policy. No commercial or non-commercial use of this website without prior permission from managing company. Until given in black and white by the company, search activities like scrapping, crawling and republishing are not permitted

  • Content taken from the website does not give the user any right to use it commercially

    Interaction with college talash

    Our website solely has the permission to retain the mails, views of the users as well as their comments on the forum or sent to the website and is can be used accordingly. Any user can delete or get it removed his/her own content posted by mistake or for a cause. In any of the forums or post for public interest has got the comment section for user purpose, but for availing this facility, pleasure ensure that you do not use any inappropriate of foul words.

    How to create a user account on

    Our website protects the private details of the user provided while making a user account or registering into the site and the detailed information can be obtained in the privacy policy of the website. Once a user creates his/her account in the website, he/she should abide by the terms of use of the website, its privacy criteria and the act under which the stored details as well as the assigned username and password are kept protected. The user should be ready to take the responsibility of any activity done under the username keeping all the risks in mind.

    Limitations of liability

    By using the site, you give your consent to the clause that college talash will not be responsible for any legal issues caused by any other party. The information (provided by participants like colleges, coaching institutes, individuals comments) on the website is not subject to verification by college Talash neither shall college Talash be liable to justify this information. It is recommended that you verify the information available on the website before taking it into consideration. Our platform will not be used for propagating any malicious or harmful software causing program loss or system damage and therefore cannot be held responsible for any such incident. The portal is suggested to watchful of such possibilities.

    External links:

    College talash cannot be held responsible for any loss caused by third party links and advertisements posted on the website. User discretion is advised.

    Governing law

    Legal proceedings, if any, shall come under the jurisdiction of honourable (name of court), India and will follow the laws of the state.

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    College talash does not warranty certain things

    • a) Al the results displayed on the website and the services provided are perfectly accurate. Some are bases on data analysis.
    • b) Site will be available uninterrupted, timely, error-free and secured.
    • c) Site will meet all the requirements.

    • This policy outlines following

      • 1) Registration: if you wish to use any of our features which include creating a user profile, connecting with other users, messaging, following updated info, uploading photos and videos and downloading eBooks available, you must register to be a member. In order to apply into the user login, you should be above the age of 13. Those below 13 may refer to the point number 3.Any of your given information declared to be correct according to you, can be terminated if found false or misleading. You are responsible to maintain the privacy of your owned username and password as agreed during the process while registering into our platform. You are solely liable arising to due to the misuse of your password as the confidentiality lies in your own hands until such misuse is done without your consent or knowledge. Email us as soon as you suspect any such activity taking place. You can reset your password if lost by the process, if the problem still persists, email us. If we get to know that the account is being used by some unauthorised person, we have the right to cancel your registration.
      • 2) Using our website: all the information on our website including images, text, services, Documents, audios, videos and other materials provided by college talash has been worked upon our own developers and partners and hence our company hold the copyright to this. None of the material is copied, reproduced, downloaded, displayed, posted, republished or transferred by any source including photocopying, recording, electronics, mechanical means and many more. All the work is done taking the laws into consideration. No part of the website that is sounds, graphics, images, logos, etc. is copied and reproduced. You are free to login and logout of your registered account at the session end whenever the user wishes to. You are not allowed to visit the areas of the website meant for the members only. Please contact us immediately if you find any offensive or undesired material on our website.
      • 3) For those under the age of 13: if you are under the age of 13 and wish to become a member of the website, you need to discuss our terms and conditions with your parents /guardians , go through the privacy policy of our website and hence obtain permission from the parents/guardians for further registration process. Do not reveal your personal information i.e. address, phone number etc to other users so as to ensure security.
      • 4) Territory statement: places of jurisdiction from where access or use of contents on our website is banned, contrary or illegal should not be done. You are entirely responsible if go against the rules and regulations.
      • 5) Warranties: we do not hold any responsibility in the following cases-a) technical problems, failures and operating speed. b) damage caused by any downloaded software. c) Virus infection. d) Illegal content. e) Accuracy of material.